The Steeplechase Fund


The Steeplechase Fund was created by former NSA Executive Director John E. Cooper in 1953.  With the help of S. Bryce Wing, President at the time, and Vice President Stephen C. Clark Jr., the fund was designed to help people involved in steeplechasing that needed financial assistance. It is a charitable private foundation, registered under the laws of the state of New York and qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations to The Fund are tax-deductible.  Its affairs are administered by three Trustees of the National Steeplechase Association, namely the President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

The purpose of The Fund is to help people in need who are currently or were formerly involved in the sport of steeplechasing.  That assistance has most usually taken the form of paying medical bills for jockeys who are injured in a race.  For this reason, The Steeplechase Fund has sometimes been referred to as the "Injured Jockeys Fund” but this is somewhat of a misnomer as it is designed to do more than that.  Over the years, the Fund has assisted a number of people who are former participants, such as trainers and jockeys, and/or their widows who have fallen on hard times.

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