Jockey's License Application


The following form is used to collect the required information for the NSA Jockey's License Application.

General Information

Insurance Information

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Emergency Contact Info

All jockeys must have a baseline ImPACT test on file with the NSA office, renewed every 3 years.

Medical Information

Background Information

Licensing Classifications

The NSA issues unrestricted licenses, which permit the licensee to compete in all races sanctioned by the NSA, as well as licenses restricted to training flat races (“Flat Races”) only, or flat races and timber or hurdle races only. By checking the appropriate box(s) below, you may apply for an unrestricted license, or a license restricted to one or more categories, but the determination as to which license will be issued to you will be made by the Stewards Advisory Committee based upon your background and experience in riding over different courses. All successful applicants will be permitted to ride in flat races. In order to compete in hurdle and timber races, an applicant must demonstrate the ability to jump fences and to compete in hurdle races, the ability to do so at speed. During the period in which a license is valid, a jockey may request that his/her license be modified to permit him/her to compete in one or more additional categories of races by request to the Stewards Advisory Committee and submitting information showing his/her ability to compete satisfactorily in the desired race category.

Amateur Declaration

This section to be completed if you are applying for an Amateur License and declare your intention to compete for the year specified as an Amateur Jockey. By signing this section and completing the appropriate section(s) below, you certify that you are eligible and willing to compete as an amateur jockey under the following conditions: 1.) You have not been licensed and/or paid as a professional steeplechase jockey for the prior two (2) years, or as a professional flat racing jockey for the prior five (5) years; 2.) You agree not to accept compensation or remuneration for riding in races during the current season.
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Jockey Experience

If you are currently licensed by another Turf Authority, you must enclose a certificate of clearance from that Turf Authority with this application. Required Equipment: All jockeys, when riding in a NSA sanctioned race, are required to wear the following: (1) An “approved” safety helmet, which is defined as one which carries an SEI label certifying that it conforms to ASTM standard #1163; or as approved by the British Horseracing Authority (EN 1384, PAS 015); (2) A body protector vest; (3) A medical identification tag, which is available from the Clerk of Scales. If no form of license has been held for three years, the applicant must complete the Qualification for Inexperienced Jockeys and submit with supporting letters in order to ride in races at NSA sanctioned race meets. Qualification for Inexperienced Jockeys • Complete the following NSA Inexperienced Jockey Information questionnaire. • Submit two letters from NSA-licensed trainers attesting to the jockey’s ability (First-time licensees only). Letters must indicate whether the jockey is qualified to ride in a race on the flat only, flat and timber only, or flat and hurdles only. • All Inexperienced Jockey license applications and letters of endorsement are subject to the review of the NSA Stewards Advisory Committee and granted licensees may serve a probation period.
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NSA Inexperienced Jockey Information

(Please complete if you have been licensed for three years or less)

Agreement & Signature

I consent to the release of any medical information pertaining to any accident or injury sustained in the course of my duties as a licensed jockey to the National Steeplechase Association and/or its appointed medical designates. I understand that this information will be used only for documentation purposes and to facilitate appropriate medical care. By my signature hereto, I confirm that I have read this application for a license in its entirety, I understand it, and I agree to be governed by it, and I expressly agree to abide by the insurance requirements that are a condition precedent to the grant of my license.
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Price: $250.00